Roald Dahl

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Today I feel inspired to chase my dreams.  I hope you feel the same.  Life is too short to be mediocre, so take a deep breath and GO FOR IT.  There’s something about being passionate that just breeds optimism and hope in the future.

So….here it is.  Obviously, this is a new blog.  I’m inspired to chase my dreams here, and I think this is one way of making that a reality!  In addition to this account, I’ve created an Instagram account where I’ll be sharing all kinds of goodness as well.  Follow me @miss.eunoia and let’s use social media to spread good.

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  1. I LOVE Ronald Dahl! He wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! One of my favorite books! Go for your dream! That’s what I’m doing in 2017. I just really started blogging this year. We can do it!!! 👏​👏​👏​

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