Collateral damage

I do my best to keep my religious views out of this blog, simply because the science behind positive psychology fascinated me and I honor that. However, I am a firm believe that some form of spirituality is essential in our happiness.  Whatever your spiritual preference, find something to keep things in perspective. With that... Continue Reading →

just do it

Nike is my slogan today.  I want to talk about self love and self compassion.  In a world where everything is either "all about me" or "all about everyone else", there is a serious lack of "love yourself" attitudes.  I live in a culture where pride is the biggest evil you want to avoid (and... Continue Reading →

on being grateful

I heard the story of this guy named Matt who travelled the world.  He wasn't doing anything incredibly important or world-changing, but his little decision has made a lasting impact on mankind.  It's been dubbed "the Gratitude Dance."  To see how he made it HERE. Today I want to talk about gratitude.  John Milton... Continue Reading →

Roald Dahl

Today I feel inspired to chase my dreams.  I hope you feel the same.  Life is too short to be mediocre, so take a deep breath and GO FOR IT.  There's something about being passionate that just breeds optimism and hope in the future. it is.  Obviously, this is a new blog.  I'm inspired... Continue Reading →

the daily must-do’s

One of the things that I have made a point to do every night before I go to bed are called my "daily-do's" and as I've checked them off my list every night for the past few weeks, I have found that my attitude has improved significantly, and I attribute it to these things.  Gratitude... Continue Reading →

miss eunoia

eunoia: derives from Greek, meaning "beautiful thinking" or "well mind." I've chosen this as my name because this site is dedicated to beautiful thinking.  I've dedicated my life to finding the meaningful things in life and have come to the conclusion that finding happiness and cultivating optimism is the single aspect in life that ultimately... Continue Reading →

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